This category will include various training programs for licensees to assist their businesses and employees. Alcohol Consultant Training (ACT), Grocer Education Training Seminar (GETS), Total Education in Alcohol Management (TEAM)® are offered free of charge. 

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         Grocer Education Training Seminar (G.E.T.S.)

The Grocer Education Training Seminar (G.E.T.S.) was developed in 1985 to assist Off-Sale licensees and their employees to better understand and perform their job duties relevant to the sale of age restricted products.

The G.E.T.S. course focuses on current NH Alcohol, Beverage & Tobacco laws, Administrative Rules and how to handle attempts to purchase by underage persons and intoxicated individuals. Trends in fake identification, signs of intoxication and recommended store policies are also highlighted in this program


Alcohol Consultant Training focuses on current NH Alcohol and Beverage Laws and Administrative Rules relative to the license, including trends in fake identification and signs of intoxication. An alcohol consultant license allows an individual to provide product knowledge to consumers at their residence and to solicit orders for the items tasted. The A.C.T. course will review special requirements necessary to conduct tastings at the educational event. The alcohol consultant does not provide alcoholic beverages for sale at the educational event.